Gentle Muse

harp for comfort and healing

There isn't anything that isn't music.  Bird song, summer breezes, ocean waves, peeping frogs in spring.  It is part of every day in every culture around the world, welcomed for communication, entertainment, relaxation, or healing.  Music can lift our spirit, ease our mind, stabilize our heartbeat, lessen our pain.

Therapeutic music is live music offered in service of healing.  The harpist pays close attention and responds to the patient's immediate need, be that of reducing pain, offering comfort and soothing, or helping to release one's hold on life.  Sound waves literally bring the mind, body and spirit into balance.

Gentle Muse will come to you in your hospital room or home, facilitating ease during life's challenging times.  Judy travels throughout Kitsap County, WA as well as to surrounding areas.


"The music doesn't begin with you.  There's a long, white, satiny flowing scarf behind you that moves through your harp strings outward, and beyond..."    (Kris, Hospice patient)

"Your music is like sunshine for the ears."  (hospital patient)

While playing at a garden tour:  "Your music is just beautiful, perfect for this setting.  It's almost as if the plants themselves were speaking."  (Bob, garden owner)

"I couldn't have been more comforted if God himself had come."  (Mary, Hospice patient)

"You are the perfect person to be doing this type of work; you are a fantastic musician and you are such a compassionate person. I’d want you to be part of my rehabilitation program if I had such a need."  (Rose, violinist, prosthetist assistant)

"Thank you so much!  What a sweet introduction back to consciousness."  (Theo, post-op patient)

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If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a visit, please leave a message for Judy Friesem, MS, CCM (Certified Clinical Musician):